Multi-Unit Improvements

Replacing Condo Exterior

Most of our multi-unit improvement projects begin as a result of a Forensic Architectural Review to discover the source of problems in a structure.  In some cases, fixing the issues involves removing the exterior "skin" of the building. At that point, owners and boards have the opportunity to update the exterior of the building, since we will already be pulling the skin to fix the problems. Owners often ask us to plan and manage improvements within their properties to reflect current styles and tastes.  In addition to addressing the underlying building issues, these projects often increase single-unit property values and appeal.

Once the decision has been made for improvements, DLM Architects works with condo boards, associations, building owners and other interested parties to provide complete exterior redesign and construction, with significantly reduced impacts to owners and residents. 

Click for larger imageThe most dramatic projects include completely removing a building’s exterior and installing new, pre-constructed, exterior components, without significantly disrupting resident living!   

Multi-unit architectural improvements can be a valuable investment for aging condo buildings.  We invite you to contact DLM Architects to see if this is a viable option for your building or complex.  Please call us at (757) 510-1165 or use our convenient online contact form.



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