Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture


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The Forensic Architecture Team at DLM Architects is composed of a select group of architects with extensive specialized experience in the identification, investigation and correction of both common and unique building problems.  Our team is available to assist you in investigating and solving your building problems.Forensics architecture

We are dedicated to the investigation of various types of building failures including wind and hail damage to roof systems, air and moisture intrusion at exterior waterproofing systems, cracking from both structural and thermal movement, moisture intrusion through failed building exteriors and components such as doors and windows, as well as construction defect based failures.  Additional services provided to specialized clients include insurance claim investigations, litigation documentation and support, and damage mitigation plans.

Our investigations are executed to ascertain the cause and origin of building problems. We carefully document all observations and provide written objective and unbiased recommendations, solution plans and fact based cost estimates.  Where necessary, we test building systems and components to substantiate our opinions so that we may base our findings and recommendations on the highest degree of certainty.  These steps in our services assure our clients the most effective means of correction are employed thereby reducing operation and maintenance costs, the amount of insurance claims, and exposure to unforeseen liabilities, while simultaneously prolonging the life of the property.




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