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Sand Pointe

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Sand Pointe is a 25-dwelling-unit condominium association at 41st Street on the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean City, Maryland. In late 2002 an investigation of the east-side exterior wall was conducted due to reports of ongoing incidences of storm induced moisture intrusion at the east facing dwelling units. Sand Pointe was clad in EIFS, (Exterior Insulation and Finish System). The existing metal studs and furring in the north and east walls were found to be so heavily corroded that they were no longer safe. Based on the results of investigation, the Association took action and requested plans and specifications to be drawn up for the re-cladding of the exterior walls of the building. To accommodate these special circumstances our Forensic Design Team designed a wall system that utilizes the Pressure Equalized Rainshield System, (PERSS), concept that was an outgrowth of our successful earlier work with this concept in Ocean City and Virginia Beach. The PERSS concept turns the pressure caused by blowing wind against itself to stop wall leaks. In fact, the harder the wind blows against the side of the building, the more leak-proof the walls become. In addition, they gained a significant increase in R-value to add to the thermal comfort of the occupants and lower energy costs.

Demolition work on the east wall began in late September, 2003 and the entire east side wall was complete by the end of May 2004. Construction work then halted during the summer tourist season, but resumed after Labor Day when the remainder of the walls were reclad in 2004/2005. The 2003 cost of the redesign and re-cladding project was $800,000.00.

In conjunction with the re-cladding activities, Sand Pointe Condominium Association, at our urging, decided to upgrade the design the exterior of their building. The design concept for this facelift included new wall work on all sides of the building, and a more aesthetically appealing rooftop parapet above the roof which now provides Sand Pointe Condominium with a striking and distinctive image along the Ocean City oceanfront skyline.


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