Lesner Pointe


Lesner Pointe

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Lesner Pointe is a seven-building, 96-dwelling unit condominium community on the southern shore of the Chesapeake Bay off of Shore Drive in Virginia Beach Virginia. Each building at Lesner Pointe is a three-story, wood-framed structure with fourth floor loft spaces. With Lesner Pointe being located directly on the Chesapeake Bay, the community is frequently exposed to extreme weather conditions with long duration wind and rain off the Bay.

In 1999, in response to reports from several homeowners who had been experiencing repeated ant and termite infestations, the Property Manager for Lesner Point requested an architectural forensic investigation of each affected dwelling unit. The findings of the investigation indicated that large amounts of moisture were being trapped in the wall behind the EIFS, (Exterior Insulation Finish System), cladding of each building and these conditions were causing rapid deterioration of the wood stud framing and wood sheathing behind the EIFS. The final forensic analysis presented to the Association concluded that the long term solution to the moisture intrusion problems at Lesner Pointe was the complete removal of the existing EIFS cladding and its replacement with a new cladding system using a continuous water management system to prevent contact of the wood framing with ambient moisture.

With the approval of the Association, we prepared drawings and specifications for a new exterior wall design that incorporated a continuous moisture barrier with a vertical drainage channel behind the siding to intercept any wind blown moisture before it can come into contact with the wood sheathing and framing. The cost included HardiePanel, HardieTrim, and HardieSoffit recladding materials as well as the replacement of all of the windows and many of the sliding glass door units. Recladding construction commenced in May 2002 and was complete in June 2004 at a cost of approximately $2,900,000.


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